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New York City, also refered as "NYC" or "The Big Apple", is the most populous city in the United States. The city covers no more than 305 square miles (790 km2). New York has a city population of aproximately 8.2 million people and consists of 5 boroughs. Each borough could be a separate city, if you consider its population and its size. New York is one of the world's centers for finance, economics, politics, music, fashion, culture. Most of the  world's largest corporation established their headquarters here.

There are so many things to visit in New York City! If you want to spend your vacation at "The Big Apple", you shouldn't miss visiting Manhattan, the famous island between the East Rivers and Hudson. The Empire State Building, The Central Park, Time Square, Wall Street or Harleem, they all have its home in Manhattan. There is no doubt that the famous of all landmarks in New York is The Statue of Liberty. The famous that it is, the harder is to get there, because of the crowd and the long lines to see it. You shouldn't miss The Wall Street, The Brooklin Bridge, The Theater District or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park.

Even if you haven't had the chance to visit NYC, you still know that is one of the most expensive cities in the world. New York has one of  the most expensive accommodation in the world. Besides that, expect your actual bill to be higher than the quoted rate, because of the taxes.
Room Lender is the ideal alternative to a hotel room, providing more space and the facilities that you need for at least a decent vacation. If you plan a business trip or a weekend getaway in the Big Apple, Room Lender is your best housing solution. We provide vacation rentals all over New York City, including Manhattan area. From fully furnished studios and 15th floor Pent House Condo to apartments in Upper West side and furnished studios in Midtown East.
Visiting New York can be the most exciting experience of your life, if you know what places to look for. Find out more about the Places to visit in New York City. When you say New York city, it means the city that never sleeps, a city with 800 spoken languages, full of art and multiculturalism. But when you say vacation rentals in New York, there is only one name that can make your destination even more incredible than it already is. And that’s Room Lender.
For around the same money that you would pay at a New York hotel, you can actually rent a luxurious New York vacation home that
comes equipped with everything you need to make you feel at home. New York Accommodation is typically available with anywhere from one to seven separate bedrooms, so that everybody get their own space. Many New York vacation rentals also offers other facilities like large TV screen, XBox consoles or even dedicated game rooms. New York vacation rental home gives the option to have a quiet night in and enjoy some home cooking as well as save some cash.


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Jersey City Vacation Rentals - [1191] 2 Bedroom Lux Apts at Marbella -Jersey City

[1191] 2 Bedroom Lux Apts at Marbella -Jersey City

Apartment4 guests max.2 bdrms2 bathsfrom$279/Night
Manhattan Vacation Rentals - [1696]2BR At The Ritz

[1696]2BR At The Ritz

Apartment4 guests max.2 bdrmsfrom$373/Night
New York City Vacation Rentals - [5131] 2BR, 2BA - Columbus Square

[5131] 2BR, 2BA - Columbus Square

Apartment4 guests max.2 bdrmsfrom$335/Night
Manhattan Vacation Rentals - [1127] Gramercy Park - Fully Furnished 1 BR

[1127] Gramercy Park - Fully Furnished 1 BR

Apartment2 guests max.1 bdrms1 bathsfrom$185/Night
Manhattan Vacation Rentals - [1685]Midtown E 1BR Near Times Sq

[1685]Midtown E 1BR Near Times Sq

Apartment2 guests max.1 bdrmsfrom$220/Night
Jersey City Vacation Rentals - [1191-1] Luxury Only 10 Min from NY

[1191-1] Luxury Only 10 Min from NY

Apartment2 guests max.1 bdrms1 bathsfrom$259/Night
Jersey City Vacation Rentals - [1191-1] Luxury Only 20 Min from NY

[1191-1] Luxury Only 20 Min from NY

Apartment2 guests max.1 bdrms1 bathsfrom$229/Night
Jersey City Vacation Rentals - [1191-S]Lux Studio Minutes from NYC

[1191-S]Lux Studio Minutes from NYC

Apartment2 guests max.1 bdrms1 bathsfrom$189/Night
Hoboken Vacation Rentals - [1242] Lux 2BR Hoboken

[1242] Lux 2BR Hoboken

Apartment2 guests max.2 bdrms1 bathsfrom$269/Night
Jersey City Vacation Rentals - [1423] 2 Bd Luxury High-Rise Apts

[1423] 2 Bd Luxury High-Rise Apts

Apartment5 guests max.2 bdrms2 bathsfrom$269/Night

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