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Beach vacations rentals are the most popular type of vacation home. From a radiant sun, surf and sand, rich history and world’s famous Art-Deco Architecture to great nightclubs and designer fashion, you can enjoy everything that Miami has to offer.
If you choose Miami as your destination Room Lender has the best deals of 5 star resorts apartments in the area, luxury ocean front units or hottest location. Our Miami furnished apartments and vacation rentals are a great hotel alternative for corporate travelers and family vacations. If you are looking for an home away from home Room Lender will be able to provide a great apartment for short term rental or an extended stay. The average apartment size is 550 sq ft vs. a Miami hotel room at 200 sq. ft. An extended stay apartment vs. a hotel room its a great option for business traveler that needs to feel at home. A  Miami vacation rental unit is designed with a grand view of the city. The floor-to-ceiling windows add a breathtaking view of the Miami shoreline, as well as the beautiful surroundings of the city. Each Miami suite incorporates a modern floor plan that compliments with any routine, as well as stylish furniture and convenient fixtures to add a whole new luxury to the dwelling. Appliances are also included in this luxury furnished residence to address all of your basic needs, from cooking kits to entertainment systems.
The facilities offered in a Miami Beach vacation rentals is a boon for vacationers. If you think that a furnished apartment is just a modern dwelling, then you are sadly mistaken. Each and every one of these Miami buildings includes recreational and entertainment facilities that will surely appeal to your fancy. Swimming pools are either found on the penthouse or the condo grounds to spend a lot of fun with your friends and families while enjoying the tropical climate. Fitness and health spa promises quality pampering so you won't have to go to the city just to get your nails done or a good workout to stay in shape.

Miami Vacation rentals

Renting a vacation condo is a better choice than a hotel when you are planning a vacation on a budget. With cold weather and winter long months fast approaching, Florida and other warm places become the perfect destination for the holiday season, and even for the spring break. However, during the current economic downturn, many people are giving up on vacationing in order to save money. What they do not realize is how they can do more with less.

When it comes to taking time off from your busy life and enjoying a short vacation, Miami, Florida is a perfect destination. Vacationing in Miami is incredibly fun, with nightclubs, restaurants, and beautiful scenic beaches. There is a lot to do in Miami that makes it an exciting vacation spot. Whether you enjoy nature or dynamic communities, Miami has it all.

Compared to other warm and warmer places in Mexico or the Caribbean, Miami is the great alternative for family travel without the hassle of international travel and boredom coming from the lack of breading space afforded by all-included packages. More importantly, Miami is the perfect vacation spot for the family and family friends. In this respect, renting vacation condos or even luxuries villas is a suitable alternative.

Remember, vacationing especially in these hard times has its benefits all around. Even if you are on the budget, not taking a vacation would simply make your life miserable, not to mention the loses to the hospitality industry which relies heavily on consumer spending, however limited. Think about it! What if you could save money and still enjoy a great vacation?

It is possible with the availability of condo rentals today. The ability to enjoy vacation without breaking the bank is possible if you decide to go with a vacation condo. Renting a condominium for a limited time is a bit more expensive, but well worth it in the end. Condo rentals typically offer week long vacation packages and prefer that you rent for a week rather than a few days.

This way, as you will soon find out, week rates on condominiums often times are cheaper then week rates at motels, so take advantage of this or think even bigger, if you can afford it. The most luxurious of rental accommodations is renting a villa, which often time comes at a reasonable price given the amenities it has to offer. Villas are very lush and comfortable, with all of the great parts of home. They typically have multiple rooms, as well as a dining room, furnished kitchen and living room with everything that you will need to make your stay in Miami a fun and interesting one.

If you plan ahead, renting condos or even villas is well worth it for the pleasure that you will get out of your Miami vacation. Unlike motels and apartments, situated closer to the city portion that would allow you to take in the night life, the best condos and villas are located near the beach. The proximity of the ocean, therefore, will definitely allow you to relax and enjoy your stay.

In sum, a vacation condo is cheaper than a hotel, making it a wise decision if you are going on a vacation on a budget. In a condo everyone has plenty of personal space unlike the limited and claustrophobic space of a hotel room, so you’ll feel right at home, providing you with the relaxation you deserve. Condo rentals accommodate more people than hotel rooms, allowing you to have plenty of room for the entire family. If you travel with friends, you can share the cost and thus save money you’ll be able to spend elsewhere, such as on entertainment and souvenirs rather than dumping all your vacation budget into lodging costs.

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Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - Modern 3BR PH Ocean Drive!Free WiF

Modern 3BR PH Ocean Drive!Free WiF

Apartment9 guests max.3 bdrms2 bathsfrom$566/Night
Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - MODERN 2BR OCEAN VIEW! OCEAN DRIVE!


Apartment6 guests max.2 bdrms1 bathsfrom$463/Night
Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - DEAL!! 3BR PENTHOUSE!! OCEAN DRIVE


Apartment12 guests max.3 bdrms3 bathsfrom$616/Night
Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - GREAT DEAL! LARGE 3BR OCEAN DRIVE!!


Apartment10 guests max.3 bdrms3 bathsfrom$616/Night
Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - WHAT A VIEW!!! OCEAN DRIVE - 2 BR!


Apartment8 guests max.2 bdrms2 bathsfrom$463/Night
Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - INCREDIBLE 4BR - HOTEL, POOL,WIFI!!


Apartment12 guests max.4 bdrms3 bathsfrom$669/Night
Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - Wow!! Best Deal!! 3 Story Townhouse

Wow!! Best Deal!! 3 Story Townhouse

Apartment7 guests max.2 bdrms3 bathsfrom$339/Night
Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - Great Deal! 5Star Mondrian SouthBeach Suite w/View

Great Deal! 5Star Mondrian SouthBeach Suite w/View

Apartment5 guests max.1 bdrms2 bathsfrom$353/Night
Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - Renovated SouthBeach Studio, Beach Access,Gym&Pool

Renovated SouthBeach Studio, Beach Access,Gym&Pool

Apartment5 guests max.Studio1 bathsfrom$165/Night
Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - Renovated SouthBeach JR 1 BR, Beach Access & Pool

Renovated SouthBeach JR 1 BR, Beach Access & Pool

Apartment5 guests max.1 bdrms1 bathsfrom$210/Night

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